Headaches and Migraines

Headaches? Migraines? If you’ve been getting regular headaches that you can’t explain, it’s time to figure out the cause.

Headaches are incredibly common and migraines may be an inherited condition. Often, both headaches and migraines are triggered by factors that can be eliminated or modified.  For example, they may be triggered by dietary factors, where our nutritionist, Nina, can help. Or they may relate to structural issues, where our osteopath, Rosie; our acupuncturist, Peter or our massage therapists, Fei, Ron or Daniela can work their magic. It’s well worth trying to reduce your headaches and migraines, their frequency and intensity. Many of our clients are surprised how easily this can be achieved.

If you suffer from headaches and migraines, there are many ways to help – nutrition, naturopathy, osteopathy, massage, acupuncture – and combining these solutions can help even more. All of us at tonika health work closely together to get the best outcome for you.