Nina Kingsford-Smith – Receptionist

Receptionist | Friendly face | Nutrition Blogger


The friendly face greeting you at tonika health’s reception desk is Nina, a born and bred Sydneysider. A health food fanatic fascinated by natural health care, Nina joined our team in May 2015. Carrying on a family tradition (no, not from her famous great-great-uncle, the pilot, but her herbalist mother), Nina is currently studying to become a nutritionist herself.

Apart from being one of the contributors to our newsletter, she writes a blog dedicated to nutritious delicious meals and healthy living and has an Instagram account, both named ‘Healthy Happenings’, and would love one day to publish a cookbook. Her particular passion is for wholesome, nourishing food that is friendly to your digestive system.

Nina also loves staying healthy and active. While you’re at tonika health, just ask Nina if you have any questions or queries and she’ll be happy to help you!