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Bad posture in front of a computer or laptop is common - and responsible for a lot of pain and wear and tear. We can help you resolve the problems you get from this and other posture mistakes.

Jessica Teoh – Remedial Massage Therapist

Tension headaches | Shoulder pain | Upper and lower back pain | Poor posture | Sports injuries

Jess is an experienced remedial massage therapist who has worked alongside other allied healthcare practitioners in Sydney’s Inner West, CBD & Northern Suburbs for the last 5 years. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and freedive instructor, with a passion to combine mindful movement with proper breath.

With your individual lifestyle and movement in mind, Jess will always address postural alignment to even out your kinks. Whether the treatment requires more vigorous strokes to allow your tissues to clear, or whether deeper fascial work is needed for your fibres to unwind – she will individualise every session to your needs of the day. Her style of massage draws upon remedial, myofascial, deep tissue, sports and trigger point techniques, whilst adding a hint of flow and enjoyment to the experience.

Her passion for bodywork began on a volunteer project in Peru in 2010. She was so touched by the local communities’ approach to life that she started to question our western approach to health and happiness. She delved deep into mind-body connection which led to studies of yoga, meditation, massage and, yep, Salsa dance.

Once back in Australia, she practiced what she had learned by working in Integrative clinics, yoga studios and a Latin dance group. She believes that western mainstream medicine – while very advanced in understanding physical aspects – hugely undervalues the mental and emotional aspects of health. This gap in understanding led her to Buddhist meditations and Pranayama practices (Yogic breathing exercises). Both have proven powerful supporters of her own wellbeing and she is an avid supporter of integrating a breath or meditation practice into everyone’s life.

Jess also encourages her clients to find their own movement practice and, importantly, to keep it fun! As she says: “Movement is medicine, and every bit counts. The body likes variety, so a well-balanced and joyful movement-mix is the key to a happy, sharp and capable body.”

When Jess is not in clinic, you’ll find her in a dance class, in the ocean, or doing something food related. She’s recently taken to spearfishing and foraging and is very excited about learning to live off the land.

Health Funds

Jessica is a registered provider with all common health funds.
Once her details have updated in their system, you can claim benefits from participating health funds on the spot via HICAPS.

Jessica has a Diploma in Remedial Massage. 

Jessica is also a fully accredited member of:
Massage & Myotherapy Australia.