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Sports Performance

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, tonika health can help improve your sports performance, nutrition and body. We provide specialised support for athletes, including masters, and are proud to be looking after several successful sportspeople.

Daniela has expert training in sports nutrition. She was also a medal-winning sprinter in state, national and international competitions. So, as a sports therapist, she understands and addresses the needs and concerns of athletes and sports performance.

Specialised deep sports massage can free locked muscles, ease recurrent soreness and realign your body. We can design a treatment specifically for you to achieve fast, effective relief from injury or symptoms while correcting underlying biomechanical problems. We’ll also give advice on posture, ergonomics and corrective stretches and exercises. You might get something extra out of your body, scrunch crucial seconds and centimetres in performance, and lessen frequent injuries or fatigue that interfere with sport.

We can advise you on exactly how to adjust your diet for sports performance or taking the right supplements to achieve and maintain your ideal body composition and keep you fighting fit.

We can also monitor your muscle mass and body fat with advanced bio-impedance analysis, which is far more accurate than body composition scales.