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Pain and Injury

If you have an injury or pain in a particular part of your body, osteopathy, massage and naturopathy may be effective. We can address the very common pains in the back, neck and shoulders as well as in the knees and hips, and muscular issues in the hamstrings or biceps.



Your osteopath uses gentle movements to realign areas of bone, tissue and spine, alleviating pain and allowing your body to function better. Osteopathy can be highly effective in treating whiplash, sprains and strains, sports injuries, back injuries from heavy lifting, and healing after fractures, car accidents and falls. You may be surprised at how valuable osteopathic treatment is as you discover the benefits of hands-on skilled manipulation of the spine and joints, targeted massage, and the stretching of soft tissues such as muscles and tendons.



tonika health doesn’t do standard same-routine-for-everyone massages or the relaxing rubs you’d get in a spa. We specialise in therapeutic massage delivering results: firm, deep tissue work and a technique called dry or myofascial needling to relieve pain, fix injuries and help problems from tightness, pain or injury. Our goal is to achieve the best outcome for you as fast as possible, by delivering the work of a highly skilled practitioner.



It may surprise you, but naturopathy can be very beneficial for addressing pain and injury. There are superb natural anti-inflammatories as well as specific supplementation options for muscle health, and for strength and repair of bone and tendons.