Selection of food that's good for the heart
Healthy eating with friends

Healthy Eating

You are what you eat…it couldn’t be more literal! Food is the foundation of our health and wellbeing, yet there’s such a myriad of different ideas and diets out there that it becomes confusing and complicated – even for practitioners!

Here, at tonika health, we aren’t into fad diets. We promote real, wholefoods. There’s no one size fits all – the same diet doesn’t work for everyone. And no one is ‘perfect’ all the time…it’s all about moderation (even moderation should be done in moderation!).

We understand that. And we understand that all the conflicting messages about food can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why we feel so passionate about taking an individualised approach, and love to work WITH you, to help find the right foods for you. Education is powerful and transformative, and so is listening to your body. When you can better understand WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, and can feel the changes, it’s so much easier to make better food choices and create long lasting change.