tonika health Dispensary

At tonika health, you can access a complete dispensary of quality herbal medicines and nutritional supplements. Most of them are high-potency preparations made according to the latest research and available only to practitioners – you won’t find them in your local pharmacy. We select them based on our own clinical experience and the most current data, so we know they work.

You can forget spending hours in a vitamin store or pharmacy trying to figure out labels and brands – you’ll leave our clinic with everything you need to support your personal treatment plan.

As a tonika health client, we can also provide you with a prescription with which you can order your supplements from a specialised supplier and have them delivered directly to you if that suits you best.

Pharmaceutical medicine is only about 150 years old, while herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years and now with an increasing body of scientific evidence for its efficacy. Natural medicine can be much gentler on your body and in some cases is far superior, we believe, to synthetic products – for example in helping us to deal with stress or toxins from our environment.

We also recognise the limitations of herbal medicine. We won’t hesitate a second to refer you to a GP or specialist if we believe that’s who you need. We’re also specially trained about possible interactions between pharmaceutical and herbal drugs – your safety will never be at risk.