Yoga, mindfulness and meditation are all great ways to promote calm and relaxation

Stress and Energy Levels

Are you stressed out? Constantly tired? So many of us are. It’s a modern affliction. tonika health offers a wide range of support to help you feel better in the short and long term.


Naturopathy and nutrition

Herbs and supplements have been shown to help relieve stress, anxiety and depression with results equal to pharmaceutical drugs, but without the side effects. A healthy diet and nutritional supplements can provide support during difficult times and replace the nutrients you lack. Find out what works for you. Let us rebalance your mind and boost your ability to deal with stress.



Osteopathic treatments can help if you’re stressed and anxious, if your energy levels are low or you have difficulty relaxing or sleeping. You may feel more alert and have more energy after a treatment designed to enhance the efficiency of your whole body by improving musculoskeletal alignment, blood flow, lymphatic function and the nervous system, and by increasing your body’s own ability to heal.


Therapeutic massage

Ever noticed how being in pain or unwell is really exhausting and how this affects your mood? The therapeutic massages that tonika health specialises in can effectively relieve problems from tightness, pain or injury, and have the knock-on effect of increasing your energy levels and relieving stress.


Lifestyle support

A personal plan can give you what you need to achieve your goals, whether those are exercise, stillness or a healthier attitude, as well as simple yet effective stress management tools. We’ll help you stay on track by setting goals and checking on your progress, with a shared aim of achieving the best outcome as quickly as possible.