Rosie Hamilton is our fabulously friendly and experienced osteopath. She specialises in lower back pain, neck pain and headaches, knee and shoulder injuries, chronic pain and postural dysfunction.
osteopathic treatments provide effective relief from pain and help realign the body for better posture and function
both osteopathy and massage are great at relieving neck pain

Rosie Hamilton – Osteopath

Lower back pain | Neck pain and headaches | Knee and shoulder injuries | Postural dysfunction


Rosie is here to give you hands-on help! She is friendly, kind, relaxed, extremely approachable and funny – just how we like it at tonika health. She specialises in treating lower back pain, neck pain and headaches, knee and shoulder injuries, chronic pain and postural dysfunction.

Rosie loves that through her work, she really gets to help people. Everyone seems to be stressed out living in the city, but she knows there are always ways to manage that stress. Rosie loves being able to educate you as a client on how you can improve your life, and to inspire you to change your life for the better and not stay in any pain. She’s obsessed with helping people, great at what she does, constantly training to learn even more and loves giving those little health tips that somebody wouldn’t previously know.

Rosie’s path to osteopathy was personal. When she was 14, she saw her Mom in a lot of pain from a disc injury. But she also saw her go from crawling on the floor to being able to walk within a few weeks through osteopathic treatment and learning techniques to prevent future injuries – Rosie was sold! She completed her Master of Osteopathy degree at the British School of Osteopathy in 2014 (during which she worked with a squad of footballers teaching them how to prevent future injuries, notice the theme here?). And then osteopathy brought her to Australia. Though with a great-great-grand-dad who started British Airways, travel is perhaps in her blood.

Rosie sees osteopathy’s benefits as a wholesome approach to healthcare, a way to avoid surgery and ‘fix you up’ approaches. Osteopathy views you as a whole, not solely zooming in on the area of the injury. It looks at the background of why an injury happened, the stress in your life, what factors are affecting your pain level, and why you may not be recovering.

When not at work, Rosie’s a bit of a fitness geek so you can find her doing yoga or at the gym, and loving the lifestyle and weather of Sydney, nicely different from where she hails in the north of England. Her favourite advice is to keep moving: people are too still for far too long at a time.

As an osteopath, Rosie is registered by the government body Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Like GPs, medical specialists, dentists etc they have to conform with the advertising standards set by AHPRA which does not allow the use of testimonials.

Hence, although we get positive feedback all the time, sadly we cannot share it with you here.

Health Funds

Rosie is a registered provider with all health funds. You can even claim benefits from participating health funds on the spot via HICAPS.

Rosie has the following qualifications

M Osteopathy


Rosie is a registered Osteopath with 

AHPRA – Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency