Online Consultations Now Available

Online Consultations Now Available

Oriental medicine consultations are now available online with our acupuncturist, Peter.

We’re all learning to adapt with the current environment. Amidst everything that’s going on, we believe that physical and mental wellbeing is more important than ever. So we’re so glad that we can continue to stand by your side and support you, albeit virtually, through online consultations with Peter.

These oriental medicine consultations are available to all new and existing clients. Through a secure online platform, you’ll be able to have a virtual consultation with Peter to comprehensively discuss your health situation. Traditional diagnostics such as tongue diagnosis will be used. The assessment may also involve instructing you to assist in the diagnostic process by palpating and pressing certain zones and acupressure points on your body to provide relevant feedback to determine specific patterns of disharmony.

You’ll then receive an oriental medicine health care plan with herbal medicine, supplements, lifestyle and dietary recommendations, self-acupressure techniques, Qi Gong, breathing exercises and more depending on your unique needs.

You can make an online booking here.

We recommend getting in contact with Peter first on peter@tonikahealth.com.au to ensure that an online consultation would be suitable for you and your specific health concern(s), as there are certain conditions that do indeed require you to come into the practice to receive acupuncture treatment.

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