Keeping healthy through the holidays

Keeping healthy through the holidays

Don’t stress about eating the occasional treat

Our bodies are really good at keeping us in homeostasis (balance) so it’s what we do MOST of the time that counts. I believe in 80/20 eating – 80% of the time eat to nourish your body and 20% of the time eat to nourish your soul. Occasional treats shared with your loved ones fall into the soul food category. Now can someone please pass a cuppa and a slice of my Mum’s fruit cake?

Keep a water bottle handy

Because it seems all the most fun activities are dehydrating (the beach, travelling and socialising come to mind). If you are drinking alcohol be sure to alternate each glass of booze with a glass of water, and then have one extra glass of water before bed. Oh and remember to take your St. Mary’s Thistle beforehand to help protect your liver 😉

Make rest a priority

The holiday break is such an important time for rest and rejuvenation before heading into the new year. Firstly, try not to overbook yourself and only schedule one catch up per day. Secondly, schedule in plenty of time for sleep-ins, reading, meditation, tea breaks, walks outside – whatever restores your energy and fills your cup.

Panic stations! If you do overindulge and feel a bit crap:

1. Drink a glass of warm water with the juice of 1/2 a lemon or 1 Tbs apple cider vinegar to help the digestive process.
2. Take a quick 20 minutes stroll around the block.
3. Sip on chamomile or fennel tea to reduce bloating and indigestion.
4. Choose a lighter, easy to digest option for your next meal – a salad or veggie soup would be great choices.