Kate Johnston is an outstanding naturopath and nutritionist with a special interest in Women's and kids health

Kate Johnston – Naturopath, Clinical & Sports Nutritionist

Women’s health | Kid’s wellness and health | Gut and digestive health | Sports nutrition and performance


It was love at first sight when tonika health met Kate Johnston, naturopath and clinical and sports nutritionist. We also love the story of how she found her calling. Like many people, she struggled with health issues – in her case digestive and reproductive – but was told by doctors everything was fine, with every seemingly possible medical test coming up with no answers.

Inspired by a friend, she started to think about food differently, read books about nutrition and make changes in her life. The improvements she noticed motivated her to start studying nutrition part-time by correspondence. Then, stressed out by work in an advertising agency that was not ‘lighting up her soul’, she had the epiphany to do what she loves for a living. That same day she resigned, marched across the street (conveniently, where the natural therapies college was located) and enrolled as a full-time student in nutritional medicine and naturopathy. She knew in her heart it was the path for her, and has never looked back.

Kate works with all areas of health and wellbeing. Working as a nanny during her studies, she saw firsthand the impact of diet on kid’s behaviour, mood and chronic health conditions like asthma and eczema. These days, she has evolved this thinking how chronic health conditions seen in adults could be prevented by focusing on children’s health, and further, how kid’s health will be better through improved family health.

She’s particularly passionate about women’s health – including fertility, preconception care and hormonal issues – kids’ health and wellness – including behavioural issues and common childhood illnesses – as well as gut and digestive health; and optimising sports performance through nutrition for all kinds of athletes.

Having plunged into a career in helping improve the well-being of her clients, Kate considers herself your ‘heath detective’, driven to unravel even the most complex cases using her knowledge of nutrition, naturopathy and functional testing – including food sensitivities, comprehensive stool analysis, hormone profiling and organic acid testing. She’ll have you feeling great with a personalised and holistic approach.

When not in the clinic, you can find Kate reading, walking (sometimes running!) or cooking. She has her own website and an Instagram account, loves nature and is a crazy cat lady and mum to Monty, a massive 6.6 kilo Tabby. She’s also a sought-after speaker and runs corporate and community workshops as well as cooking demonstrations.

Health Funds

Kate is a registered provider with all health funds. You can even claim benefits from participating health funds on the spot via HICAPS.

Kate has the following qualifications:

Adv Dip Naturopathy
Adv Dip Nutritional Medicine
Certificate of Health Coaching

Kate is a fully accredited member of:

ATMS Australian Traditional Medicine Society (member no. 27312)