What happens in an adjustment?

What happens in an adjustment?

Hi all! Rosie here. I hope to find you well as we leap our way through spring! I have a question for you…do you know what happens when osteopaths and chiropractors make an adjustment to your joints? Well, I’m here to explain what happens…and why we do it!

If you’ve had a consult with me, you will know I get you to move around a fair bit, touch your toes, bend side to side, etc. While you’re moving about, I’m looking for even movement through the bones in the spinal column. If it looks like some joints between the bones aren’t moving as much as they should, they’re the joints that need an adjustment.

Adjustments are one of the most heavily researched techniques used by practitioners. They’ve been proven to successfully reduce neck and back pain quicker when compared to exercise alone, as well as to sham treatments (which basically means the placebo effect). I’ve attached just two articles here and here for those who are interested, but there are dozens more out there.

So, what happens in an adjustment?

There’ll be a quick movement, you’ll hear a ‘click’ noise, and 3 key things will happen:

1. The joint will be able to do a larger range of movement again
(which means you move better)

2. There will be an impact on the nerves that surround the joint, essentially calming down the sensitivity of the area
(which means your pain is reduced)

3. The muscles surrounding the joint will relax
(which makes you feel better!)

So there you have it folks! An adjustment is extremely useful tool that I use in clinical practice to help you feel and move better. If you have any questions related to adjustments or about anything at all, feel free to email at [email protected] or book an appointment hereEnjoy your week!