Fei Lee - Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist
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Bad posture in front of a computer or laptop is common - and responsible for a lot of pain and wear and tear. We can help you resolve the problems you get from this and other posture mistakes.
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Fei Lee – Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist

Tension headaches | Shoulder pain | Upper and lower back pain | Poor posture | Sports injuries


Fei is a remedial and sports massage therapist experienced in both clinical and sports environments. He gained much of his experience working alongside chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths. He also works with sports teams from NRL, Rugby Union, cricket, soccer and netball (state and national teams) for their muscle conditioning, game day warm up and post-match recovery.

Fei became a massage therapist after previous careers in two rather diverse disciplines: engineering and dancing. His engineering degree gave him a good understanding of physics and structures – which combines well with the deep insight into the human body he gained from a career as a professional dancer. This unique combination sparked a natural interest in the biomechanics of the human body. He uses this knowledge to work out causes of pain and dysfunction, to identify which areas of the body need work and to advise exact changes or exercises to make you feel better quickly and to prevent problems recurring.

Both as a professional dancer and in engineering, sitting in front of a computer, Fei experienced pain and injury himself – and so had plenty of opportunity to experience the benefits of massage first hand, for both treatment and prevention. And he knows what it is like to actually be in pain, even chronic pain. Being Fei, he used these experiences to observe closely and gain an excellent understanding of processes and mechanics of healing. Ever since he is a true believer in the positive power of soft tissue manipulation for our human physiology, our nervous system and, ultimately, our psychology.

Fei is convinced that many problems his clients experience stem from our hectic modern lifestyle. He made these areas his passion: tension headache either from stress or bad posture, upper back and shoulder pain from computer use, lower back pain from sitting or heavy loading, shoulder joint conditions from bad movements of the arm, hip and gluteus muscles problems from poor standing or sitting postures and the strains and injuries resulting from gym exercises or fitness programs. Seeing you recover and transform after massage treatments is why he loves his job.

For Fei, the benefits of massage reach far beyond treating pain or injuries after they happened. Regular massages improve muscular-skeletal condition, and so reduce the risks of pain and injuries occurring in the first place. Regular massage also has proven benefit in stress management. All in all, Fei has no doubt that good massage results in a better quality of life. And that, ultimately, is the gift he wants to share with you.

Health Funds

Fei is a registered provider with all common health funds.
Once his details have updated in their system (probably 2 weeks), you can even claim benefits from participating health funds on the spot via HICAPS.

Fei has the following qualifications

B Eng

Fei is a fully accredited member of 

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