COVID-19: Misinformation and Mental Wellbeing

COVID-19: Misinformation and Mental Wellbeing

Hi there, we hope this finds you well (we know that may sound a little weird in light of all that’s going on, but it’s more important than ever to be sending well wishes!). In this post, we’ve got a few important messages regarding COVID-19:

1. Curbing the spread of misinformation about COVID-19
2. Caring for your mental health
3. A reminder about our advice regarding your appointment with us


Curbing the spread of misinformation about COVID-19

We’ve seen more and more information being circulated from indeterminable sources claiming various practices as treatments for COVID-19. We very strongly encourage you to totally disregard these messages. Breathing exercises as a diagnostic tool, frequently sipping water as a preventative measure, sunshine as a cure, and more – NONE of these have been substantiated by reputable sources or scientific evidence.

Please only read information from clearly identifiable and reputable sources (such as the World Health Organisation). Completely disregard other information and most importantly don’t spread it!

We feel like this quote from Scott Kelly, a retired NASA astronaught, sums is up really well. Having spent a year in space knows a little about living in isolation.
“I’ve found that most problems aren’t rocket science, but when they are rocket science, you should ask a rocket scientist…Especially in a challenging moment like the one we are living through now, we have to seek out knowledge from those who know the most about it and listen to them. Social media and other poorly vetted sources can be transmitters of misinformation just as handshakes transmit viruses, so we have to make a point of seeking out reputable sources of facts, like the World Health Organization and the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.” (You can read the full article here).

Caring for your mental wellbeing

There’s been a lot of focus on the physical toll that COVID-19 is taking, but there’s also a mental toll to acknowledge. We’re all likely feeling various emotions, including uncertainty and fear. This is a little reminder to please be gentle with yourself during this time and know that you’re not alone. Where you can, create pockets of rest, switch off the media for a while, do some deep breathing or practice another form of self care that you enjoy, and find new ways of connecting with others (like good old phone calls!).
We feel that this interview with Dr Helene Popovic offers some really helpful insights – How to Manage Crisis.
For sources of connection, light and laughs during this time, our fabulous nutritionist Nina has put together a post on useful resources here.
And please remember, just as fear and panic are contagious, so are calm and hope. Let’s please all remember this and help spread positivity wherever possible.

Our current appointment policy regarding COVID-19

We’re still open and available for appointments and are following incredibly strict cleaning and disinfecting procedures. As always, your health is the most important thing to us and our policy below is based on this. Here’s what we currently advise for appointments with us:

  • Option 1: If your appointment is to treat pain, for acute care or anything of a therapeutic manner, we recommend that you come in for your appointment.
  • Option 2: If your appointment is for general maintenance or wellbeing, we strongly recommend you to hold off and book once things have settled down. (This is NOT because we consider tonika health to be unsafe, but because we all have responsibility to decrease any potential spread of the virus via maintaining physical distancing wherever possible). Cancellation fees do not apply for anyone because of this issue.

We are healthcare professionals and it is our priority to look after your health (as long as you abide by the sign below). Please also note that we’re operating on a reduced schedule and that online bookings have been turned off except for acupuncture due to the limited scope of treatment. If you’re unsure whether to come in for an appointment or not, please contact us on info@tonikahealth.com.au or your practitioners direct email address (firstname@tonikahealth.com.au) and we’d be more than happy to discuss it with you. We know there’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment, and we’ll do anything we can to help clarify things.