Christmas Food Drive

Christmas Food Drive

Did you know that 18% of Australians have experienced food insecurity in the past 12 months? And that 26% of those receiving food relief are under the age of 19? Hunger is a hidden crisis in Australia and charities are struggling to meet the growing issue, and each month 65,000 Australians seeking food relief are unable to be assisted. This is an issue that we’re incredibly passionate about at tonika health. So we’re helping by running a Christmas food drive (led by Nina, our friendly front-of-desk and student nutritionist).

This is your chance to help families, the elderly, children and others in need by donating any non-perishable items to our food drive (unopened and within date). Also, it’s an excellent opportunity to clean out your pantry of anything you don’t use. And therefore help reduce food waste at the same time!. Non-food items are also welcome, including toiletries and household products. Ask your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to help out too…gather items from whoever can help and drop them off to us for donation!

So, how can you help?

Most needed items include
  • Protein products: canned fish, canned pulses
  • Canned or jarred products: soups, vegetables, pasta sauce
  • Dried products: pasta, rice, beans, nuts / seeds, muesli, crackers, biscuits
  • Spreads: Vegemite, nut butter, honey
  • Coffee, tea, teabags
  • Dairy products / dairy alternatives: shelf stable milk, powdered milk
  • Baby food
  • Toiletries and household products: toilet paper, sanitary items, nappies, baby wipes, soap, deodorant, detergent
  • Monetary donations (donate here)

Unfortunately, we can’t accept items that’re opened or past their used by date.

Drop off your items to tonika health (391 Riley St). If we’re not in when you come, please leave the items in the cupboard at the bottom of the steps 🙂 We’ll be collecting donations until mid December!

We live in a nation where there’s plenty of food to go around, but over 4 million of us are food insecure. Donate to the food drive and make a difference. As a result, you’ll help put food in a child’s lunchbox, dinner on a grandmother’s plate, a meal on the table for a family’s Christmas lunch. If you have any questions about our food drive or about anything at all, please email us at [email protected] or book an appointment here. We’d love to hear from you.

For more information about the issue of food insecurity in Australia, click here.