The importance of listening to your body

The importance of listening to your body


Hi all, Rosie the osteopath here. I hope to find you all well! This week I wanted to highlight the importance of listening to your body – something that we all know we should do, yet something that so many of us struggle with. I’ve had several patients recently with certain injuries that I’ve instructed need REST, then slowly easing back into exercise. Now, some people love it when I tell them they can’t go to the gym, which in this scenario is sooo much easier! However, it’s my hyperactive energy bunnies that struggle to STOP and take that break their body is screaming out for. Going back to exercise too early will delay you getting back to the level of activity you want to achieve. The pain may have decreased significantly, which is great! But that doesn’t necessarily mean everything has finished healing.

If you take anything away from this blog, let it be this – the level of pain does not equate to the level of damage.

My aim as an osteopath is working for the long term of your health and wellbeing, not the short term routine you might presently be in with exercise.
Let us, as professionals, guide you to the quickest, most sustainable and best road to recovery. It may be boring, but trust that we have your best interests at heart and always always ALWAYS want to get you back to full activity as soon as possible!


Learn to listen to your body.
You will be amazed to discover that,
if you are kind to your body,
it will respond in an incredible way.

– Vanda Scaravelli


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