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What you might ask


Do I need a doctor's referral to see you?

No. Although a number of GPs, specialist doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, counselors and other massage therapists and naturopaths regularly refer patients to us, you are welcome to make an appointment yourself at any time.


Can I claim for my visit with my health fund?

Yes, as long as you have the appropriate extras cover and your private health fund accepts massage therapy or naturopathy (almost all do). We are registered with every regular Australian Health Fund. Even if we had not dealt with a fund before have never had a claim rejected as we generally exceed the requirements of the funds.

Unfortunately though, you can only claim for the consultation fee. So far, only very few health funds offers reimbursements for the supplements or herbs we might use to help you. Our opinion is that it is better to spend a few dollars now on preventing bigger problems down the track, which might end up very expensive both financially as well as personally.


How many sessions should I have?

This question is very hard to answer as this is very different from patient to patient. We recommend that you get an initial consultation or treatment. We can then give you a much better idea what we can do for you and what we expect to happen when. Also, you can see if you like our style and feel comfortable with us. As a rule of thumb for massage, we expect to get noticeable improvement for most cases within three to four sessions. For naturopathy, it very much depends on how long you have had the problem. Please see next section 'What does a typical naturopathic treatment involve?'

What does a typical naturopathic treatment involve?

We pride ourselves in offering some of the highest standard naturopathic care available. Here is an overview of what our first few sessions usually look like:

In preparation:
Once you book your initial session, we will send you an email with information regarding your appointment as well as a link to a comprehensive health assessment questionnaire which you can fill out online before your appointment. Your practitioner will access this before you come in and explain the results in your first session.

1st consult: We take great care to listen to your story and the history of your complaint. Our practitioners are experts in interpreting symptoms and will ask the right questions to get to the bottom of your complaint.

2nd consult: Your practitioner will have spent considerable time behind the scenes weighing up the vast amount of information collected at this point and pull it all together to come up with a well founded assessment and treatment plan. All details will be explained to you so you get an excellent understanding of where your health is at and what requires tweaking so you can feel incredible again. Your practitioner will advise on the best way forward, but of course your personal preference will be carefully considered as well.

And then?: Any treatment plan is broken down into top priorities and achievable short term 'chunks'. That way we ensure that you are always clear what we are working on together and can appreciate and enjoy the results. Every step on the way to your better health is a joint effort between your practitioner and you. You are always in charge of how much you want to do and how fast you want to do it. You decide if you want to use supplements or prefer to work with diet and lifestyle alone. You decide if you want to take individualised formulas of liquid herbs or prefer the convenience of tablets. You decide how much you can realistically change your lifestyle or make precise tweaks to your habits. A lot of it will be surprisingly easy, we promise! Because we aim to make it that way. One thing is certain: You have our full support and excellent advice at all times. Remember: Your good life is our mission!


Seeing a naturopath seems like a big commitment. What if I am still a little unsure?

That's ok and totally understandable. If you still have any doubts, we offer introductory 15min consults free of charge, zero obligation, so that you can have a casual chat with one of our naturopaths about any concerns you might still have.

This way you can find out about:

- do I even like this naturopath?

- will it work for my problems?

- how long will it take?

- will I have to cut out all the things I like most?

- will I have to sign up for life?

- how big of a commitment do I have to make?

And one final thing to keep in mind: if after three sessions of working with us you honestly feel like we haven't provided you with good service and useful advice or made any noticeable difference to your health, we pay you our entire consult fees back - well, half to you and half to a charity of your choice so that in any case someone comes out a winner. No questions asked. We completely take your word for it based on trust. And we have to be pretty confident to be giving this guarantee, right?

What do I bring to my first appointment (naturopathy patients only)?

The more precise information we have about you, the faster we can usually get results. Please follow this link to our Patient Form which we ask you to fill out and bring to your appointment (but we will explain all to you again in our welcome email anyway once you have booked :)

Please also bring to your appointment:

  • A copy of all medical tests you have had in the last two years if possible.
    Your medical records belong to you, so if you do not have a copy at home, you can call up your doctor and ask them for a copy to be sent to you or directly to us.
    We do NOT require copies of actual X-rays, ultrasounds etc. A copy of the written report accompanying these tests is sufficient.
  • All supplements you are currently taking or usually taking. If you bring in the containers it is easier for us to check exact composition and dose.
  • A list of all medications you are currently or usually taking including strength and dose.

What's the story with this online health assessment?

Before your first appointment we will send you an email asking you to fill out our comprehensive online health questionnaire at least 2-3 days before your appointment so we can pull all information together and present you with a complete picture of your health, any possible issues and how to best address them. When filling out the questionnaire, under 'practitioner number', please type 42985. Please be aware that the whole questionnaire will take you about 20-30 minutes. Please make sure you read the section description at the top of each page carefully before filling out the answers.

Most questions are multiple choice, so it is not hard to fill it out. Some questions may seem repetitive, but that is because certain symptoms may relate to several aspects of your health. We will get very valuable insights from this questionnaire and will discuss the details of your results at your next appointment.


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