What's in it for you

What's in it for you

tonika health is a modern natural health practice in Surry Hills offering naturopathy, nutrition, deep tissue, remedial and sports massage and osteopathy. We pride ourselves in offering intelligent and realistic health care and effective treatments with you in mind. Our ethos is straightforward: we deliver what we would buy if we were in your shoes! It's that simple.


We want results for you. And while changing habits or unwinding suffering tissues may take a little effort and patience, we ultimately believe that health should be fun - or it isn't health!

We are confident enough to even offer you a guarantee:

If you honestly don't feel better after seeing us three times and generally following at least the key points of our advice, we will refund your consult fees in full! 50% to you and 50% to a charity of your choice. We let you be the judge - no questions asked.

Let's work together to have you start feeling better now. We promise we will not make you cut out everything you enjoy or have you jump on the latest fad. We combine healthy common sense with excellent knowledge and experience to get you feeling better. No standard treatments or one-trick-ponies here - together will find what works for you.

You healthy makes us happy.


tonika health has been a highly recommended provider of natural therapies in Surry Hills for over a decade. Our naturopaths and physical therapists (osteopath, sports massage, remedial massage, myofascial release, dry needling) provide clinical excellence. We focus on getting results as well as delivering great customer service.

Book in today - we are 100% committed to helping you.


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